Top 7 Mistakes That Abu Dhabi Taxi Drivers Make

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Abu Dhabi: Taxi drivers are somewhat notorious on UAE roads, with mistakes ranging from reckless driving and talking on the phone, to sudden swerving and abrupt parking.

While the issue of errant drivers have been addressed, with taxi drivers threatened with a three-month suspension if caught speeding and driving irresponsibly, employees continue to flout a number of parking rules on a regular basis.


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As part of Abu Dhabi’s efforts to make roads safer and to educate taxi drivers, police have carried out an awareness campaign to address the most common mistakes carried out by taxi drivers.

Abu Dhabi Police have stepped up traffic safety and increased the traffic culture among taxi drivers with excessive driving risks and the consequences of sudden parking on the roads.

Lieutenant Colonel Salah Abdullah Al Humairi, Deputy Director of Abu Dhabi Traffic Department at Traffic and Patrols Department, said the awareness program targeted all passenger taxis in Abu Dhabi, including Tawasul, National Taxi, Al Ghazal Transport, Arabia Taxi Transportation, Emirates Taxi, and Cars Taxi Services.

“The campaign was part of police’s efforts to provide safe transportation and to reduce traffic accidents in the emirate,” said Lt Col Al Humairi.

The campaign identified seven mistakes that taxi drivers typically make when parking suddenly on the roads, which include:

1. Parking near a fire hydrant


2. Parking behind vehicles


3. Parking in a manner that obstructs traffic


4. Parking at road intersections


5. Parking in the middle of a traffic accident


6. Parking in areas reserved for people with determination


7. Parking at the turn of the road


Lt Col Al Humairi called on drivers to abide by the traffic law and speed limits, and to follow the instructions of traffic light signals.

He also urged taxi drivers to always use their indicators before changing lanes, to leave enough space between vehicles, and not use mobile phones while driving.