About Us

Global Financial Market Review is one of the largest global specialist online news aggregator dedicated at bringing focused insightful content to the financial community. 

Through a desire to expand the quality of financial news and service GFM Review also delivers dedicated editorial through a network of experienced contributors. This ensures that readers get a focused, comprehensive unbiased view of the financial world. 

As a result, GFM has been able to achieve some great milestones which are independently* verified;

  • 140,000,000* pages of Editorial Content are viewed per year (see *Alexa an independent research site)
  • GFM Review attracts some 15,600,000* unique visitors a year
  • Ranked in the top 350 Media & Publishing Twitter Handles as well as maintaining a position in the top 1500 Global Twitter Handles with over 1,000,000 followers (see *Twittercounter an independent research site)
  • Over 50,000 Facebook followers 
  • News updated hourly/daily/weekly depending on the area

The readership of the GFM news portal is broad and ranges from individual investors through to global CEO’s. 

As we look to engage more individuals who have a real interest in the financial news we look to you our readership to help enhance your experience. Therefore, please get in contact with the editor if you have any queries directly to the editor at editor@gfmreview.com