GFM Review announces winners of its prestigious industry awards for October-end 2023

Global Financial Market Review (GFM) is a dedicated online news aggregation portal that focuses on industries and news that are involved in the financial markets. As part of its coverage of this huge and multi-disciplined industry GFM has developed a series of Awards. The Awards have been developed to recognise companies and institutions that have achieved notable success in their respective fields. The Awards have become a standard for reliability, performance and security within the financial community.

In a challenging market, the GFM Awards recognize the progress, achievement and leadership of Global companies and institutions that are engaged in the financial market, either directly or indirectly through those supporting it. GFM aims to promote award winners through the GFM website while also using its media partners to ensure that various other news agencies take up the announcements.

Articles on the GFM site are read by in excess of 14,000,000 people per year. GFM benefits from not only producing its own editorials but aggregating focused news from a number of global news providers. As a truly global financial news portal GFM aims to ensure that the panel headed by the Publisher, with input from the research team, choose winners that best reflect over achievement in the nominated category.

With over 180,000 Twitter followers GFM Review has the largest following in the specialist financial news category.

The awards selection panel used a wide range of criteria to come to their decisions on the October-end 2023 award winners. Some of the general criteria depending on the industry included Transparency, Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Volume of transactions, Innovation, Fintech and Customer Service. Some of the specific criteria used included Market Capitalization, Earnings per Share, Price/Earnings Ratio, Total Revenues, Net income, Operating Profits, Tier 1 Capital, Total Deposits, Loan to Deposit Ratio, Non-Performing Loan Ratio, Coverage, Provision and route-to-market.

The judging panel are proud to award the following institution:

Best Trust & Trustee Services in Turkey 2023


Most Innovative in Payments in Mexico 2023


Best Independent Advisors in USA 2023

      Club Capital

Best Financial Advisors in Europe 2023

     Golden Falcon

Most Innovative in Payments in Africa 2023

     Happy Pay

Best Financial Advisors in Singapore 2023

    Odyssey Limited

Most Innovative in Payments in Canada 2023

    Paramount Commerce

Best FinTech Wealth Management in Australia 2023


Best FinTech Wealth Management in Canada 2023

    Super Advisor

Best Local Mortgage Advisors in USA 2023

     Wesley Financial

Most Innovative in Payments in Saudi Arabia 2023


Most Innovative in Lending in India 2023

      TradeReboot Fintech Private Limited

About GFM Review:

Global Financial Market Review (GFM) is an online news portal that is focused on the financial industry. It has been developed to deliver informative and independent news from around the world. The articles on GFM are both sourced from a number of independent news sources as well as written in-house. This is reflected in the quality and insight that the portal delivers to readers. GFM readership is comprised of decision makers from global businesses including FT100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as high net worth individuals.